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Sicom Industries USA, LLC acquired certain assets of Pile Splices Inc. December 14, 2018 including exclusive rights to market, manufacture and sell a variety of approved KIE-LOCK splices including FDOT APL #455-000-001, LA DOTD splices approved for previous projects and certain other commercial designs.


Sicom has been a vendor to Pile Splices, Inc. for over 20 years, fabricating the majority and substantial quantities of these splices for projects including roadways, bridges, piers, overpasses, airports and numerous other construction projects throughout the United States and Canada.

Sicom Industries was founded in 1986 and focuses on complex, precision manufacturing and fabrication catering to defense, aerospace and construction sectors. We’ve continued to increase our range of machining and fabrication services by purchasing the latest CNC machining centers capable of machining quality precision parts in various sizes and latest Inspection capabilities using Laser Scanning Technology.


We have a very experienced management team to develop leading edge lean manufacturing initiatives and risk management to improve efficiencies. Our management team brings on average over 15 years’ experience with Sicom along with various advanced degrees and certifications in Mechanical Engineering and Business Management.

Sicom looks forward to maintaining existing and future relationships providing KIE-LOCK splices that meet demanding technical and budgetary requirements. 

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